I love a good party, and tonight I attended a great one thrown by Kinzlin, one of the leaders of the guild Bravado.

You have to know someone to get into one of Kinzlin's parties, but fortunately for me, I know my cousin Kyla, who is in Kinzlin's guild and therefore knows her. The party was attended by lots of popular FreeRealms players, and Kyla, who loves to trade, spent a lot of time admiring the rares being worn.

Kinzlin's house is awesome. It has a pool and diving board, lots of lawn chairs, lovely guest rooms, charming fireplaces and Christmas décor, and clever decorations such as balcony lounges, a docked boat, and a refreshments bar.

Kyla and I had a great time at the party. It included a line dancing event, a lawn chair exhibition, and even an encounter with the leader and medicine cat of our allies, Nightfall Clan!

Thanks for the party, Kinzlin! I will be back for your next one. :)