Hello, everyone! I'm Leafsong, deputy of Eleniel Clan. This page is a little bit about me, and tells the true story of my FreeRealms Clan life.


My Past Edit

I was born Leafkit of ThunderClan. I grew up among great friends and became the apprentice Leafpaw when I was six moons old. I loved my life in ThunderClan, and was even the deputy for a short while, but after I discovered that the traitorous warrior Wolfheart was plotting against our Clan, I told the leader, Firestar Bronzeblossom, about what I had learned. She didn't believe me, as Wolfheart was a trusted Clan member, but I knew that Wolfheart had been jealous of my appointment as deputy; she would have been Firestar's deputy had it not been for me. Firestar threw me out of the Clan for suggesting that Wolfheart was a traitor. I have tried to contact my leader, but I have not heard from her since then.

After my expulsion from ThunderClan, I was soon eligible to create my own Clan. So began SunClan. For a time I was Leafstar, but my Clan was doomed to failure by lack of participation from other members. I passed the Clan to my deputy and sought a new beginning.

I joined HawkClan, a new Clan with a promising future. It was small, but it had wonderful cats who accepted me immediately. I was content to simply be a warrior, but then a war with DarkMoonClan tore my new family apart and I was forced to move on again.

I joined several other Clans in an attempt to find a new home that would endure. IvyClan, BlueSkyClan, RavenClan; none of them lasted. I had given up on my Clan life when I heard that my good friend Toxic Destiny had created a new Clan and was leading it as Froststar. I was skeptical, but agreed to be deputy.

Now I realize that I have found my new home with Eleniel Clan. All of the cats are wonderful and have become like family to me, and I feel honored to call them my friends.

Long live Eleniel Clan!

Traits Edit

I am a long-haired silver she-cat with blue eyes. I have been known to be somewhat silly once whenever something funny happens, but I try to be the brave, loyal cat I was in my previous Clans.


My FreeRealms Character Edit

Outside of Eleniel Clan, I am known as Morchaint the pixie. Feel free to friend invite me! :)

Photo 1

My FreeRealms character.


My and Froststar at a Clan meeting.


Slideshow Edit

This is a slideshow I made of Leafsong. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it as well!