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Feather KitEdit

Hello! My name is Feather Kit :D I'm a kit and I'm just starting with the Warrior Cat clans, so please be patient with me... o_o' 

So, here's a bit about me!

  • Cat Name: Feather Kit
  • In-Game Name: Birdie (With a special character for the 'B')
  • In-Game Appearance: I change my appearance a LOT (I have almost all the style cards o_o') But a constant is that I have tan skin (selected 'gold' in the character creator)
  • Personality: I'm kind of shy when you first meet me, but I'll loosen up once I know you better. I'm kinda clumsy and I get distracted sometimes, so please be patient with me! I'm loyal though and I think I have a good sense of humor.
  • Cat Appearance: I have a stony gray pelt and lavender colored eyes.

Well that's all I can really say for now! I hope that's given you all a better grasp of who I am xD

Also, I apologize for any mistakes in the making of this page... I don't use wiki very often ._. 

I hope you all have a magni-florious day!

~Feather Kit~